Find below the list of NDCs
1Oil & gasDecarbonisation of oil and gas productionPO4Minimise flaring in oil three oil and gas fields
2SanitationAdopt alternative urban solid waste
PO5Build and operate three engineered landfills with
50% methane recovery in Kumasi, Nsawam and
3P06Double the current waste to compost capacity of 200 tonnes/day to 400tonnes/day by 2030
4P07Scale up 200 institutional biogas facilities
5ForestryBuild resilience and promote livelihood
opportunities for the youth and women in
climate vulnerable Agriculture landscapes
PO17Cocoa Forest REDD+ Programme (Result-based
emisison reduction)
6PO18Forest Plantation Development Programme (25,000
target/ha) (Reforestation)
7PO19Tree-on farm
8PO20Wildfire management in transition and savannah
zones in Ghana
9PO21Promotion of forest conservation
10TrasnportationExpansion of inter-and-intra-city
transportation modes
PO22Railway transit system (shift road freight to rail)
11PO23Urban transit (fleet renewal, better maintenance and
vehicle standards) – More efficient diesel vehicle
12PO24Promotion of Non-Motorised Transport (New Bicycle
13PO25Restriction of importation of overaged vehicles
14PO26Electric vehicles
15EnergyPromotion of energy efficiency in homes,
industry and commerce
PO27Promotion of energy efficient Refrigerators
16PO28Promotion of energy efficient ACs (Public buildings
and commercial)
17PO29Promotion of energy efficient light bulbs (Residential)
18PO30Promotion of Energy Efficient light bulbs (Public
buildings and commercial)
19PO31Promotion of Energy Efficient Air Conditioners
20PO32Promotion of Energy Efficient and Renewable
Energy powered public water facilities
21Industry and
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC)PO33Green cooling in air conditioners and domestic
22Sustainable production in IndustryPO34Promote energy efficiency in the steel Industry
23EnergyLow carbon electricity generationPO35Switch from fuel oil to gas in thermal plants
24PO36Conversion of single cycle to combine cycle in
thermal power plants
25EnergyExpand the adoption of market-based
cleaner cooking solutions
PO38Scale up the adoption of Liquefied Petroleum Gas
use from 25% to 50% Nationwide by 2030
26Promote sustainable charcoal production
including youth and women entrepreneurs
PO39Scale up access and adoption of improved biomass
stoves by 3 million households by 2030
27PO40Promotion of innovative and efficient kilns
28PO41Support and promote the establishment of woodlots
29EnergyPromote clean rural households lightingPO42Increase solar lantern replacement in rural non-
electrified households to 2 million.
30EnergyAchieve 10% of modern renewable
energy in the generation mix by 2030
PO43Install 300 MW distributed solar PV
31EnergyPO44Establish solar 300 mini-grids translating into
32EnergyPO45Attain utility-scale solar electricity installed capacity
to 527.1MW
33EnergyPO46Increase install hydro capacity from 1580.045 MW
to 1730.45MW
34EnergyPO47Increase utility scale wind power capacity up to