Technologies that confer automatic approval to MO activities. Find below the Mitigation Outcome activities that are in the whitelist.
  1. MO activities or technologies may be eligible to the pre-qualified list for automatic approval if it meets the four following set criteria below:
    • Activities or technologies must emanate from the 25 conditional mitigationprogrammes of actions in sectors/sub-sectors/categories in Ghana’s NDC as specified as follows:
      • Reduction in gas flaring in oil and gas production
      • Landfill gas management
      • Waste to energy
      • Biological treatment of waste by compost and biogas
      • Wildfire management, forest conservation and forest plantation
      • Freight rail transport and electric vehicles
      • Energy efficiency in residence, commerce, public buildings and industry.
      • Energy-efficient and renewable energy powered public water facilities
      • Green cooling in air conditioners and domestic refrigerators.
      • Improved biomass and LPG cooking stoves
      • Sustainable charcoal production
      • Distributed solar PV systems
      • Solar Mini-grids
      • Utility-scale solar
      • Utility-scale wind
    • Activities or technology must contribute to sustainable development and demonstrate environmental integrity.
    • Compliance with applicable technologies in the latest version CDM positive list of technologies approved by the EB
    • The list of MO activities must be consistent with the priority areas established in a bilateral agreement between Ghana and the cooperating Article 6.2 Party.
  2. Scope CDM positive: This list of technologies and associated conditions confer automatic approval to MO activities that apply such technologies and meet specified conditions (hereinafter referred to as the positive). The methodological tool specifies the validity, process for the update, and timelines for updating the positive list.
    • Applicability: The use of this list and the automatic approval is not mandatory for the Activity Participants of an MO activity for demonstrating eligibility or environmental integrity. The positive list as contained herewith is valid up to November 28 2022. Version 01.0 of this list enters into force on May 21, 2021.
    • List of activities: MO activities are deemed automatically approved if they exclusively apply the technologies listed and demonstrate that they fulfill the related conditions specified above under 3.4.3 (i to iv).
    • Based on the criteria specified under section 3.4.3 (i to iv), Ghana wish to include the following technologies in the first whitelist for 2022 to 2025:
      • Waste sector – waste handling
        • Landfill gas management – New or existing landfills that or would have vented or flared methane gas without utilisation for energy generation.
        • W2E technologies involve gasification, anaerobic biodigesters and anaerobic treatment of solid and liquid waste for gainful energy use.
        • Composting of organic waste through the avoidance of emissions of methane to the atmosphere from biomass or other organic matter that would have otherwise been left to decay anaerobically in a solid waste disposal site (SWDS), or an animal waste management system (AWMS), or in a wastewater treatment system (WWTS).
      • Renewable energy technologies – The renewable energies included in the whitelist are as follows:
        • Distributed solar photovoltaic technologies including solar rooftop solar PV installation of less than 1MW per site.
        • Off-shore wind technologies.
        • Micro/pico-hydro (with power plant size up to 100 kW).
        • Biomass gasification/biogas (up to 100 kW).
        • Solar photovoltaic mini-grids.
      • Sustainable cooking – the pre-selected list for efficient cooking includes the introduction of high efficiency improved biomass and LPG cooking stoves to replace inefficient traditional cooking stoves.